KIHUMBE is a non-profit making, non-Governmental organization (NGO) located in Mbeya Region, southern highland of Tanzania. The name KIHUMBE is an abbreviation for Kikundi cha Huduma Majumbani Mbeya, meaning Mbeya home based care service providers group.

The group was established in 1991 and officially registered in 1994. The  founder was a nurse midwife who also happened to be among the first trained on HIV/AIDS related fighting initiatives from Mbeya.

KIHUMBE was initially established as community initiative to extend continuum care and support for HIV/AIDS tested and found positive people (PLWHA) who were thereafter refereed to remain in their homes with minimum or non-additional care support.


The existence of HIV/AIDS within our community has brought up a great life challenge since ever.

The only way to combat this crisis is to join hands fighting together, taking into consideration our strength and the available opportunities and direct our forces against this scourge tirelessly.

Our sincere appreciation goes to local, national and international organizations working with KIHUMBE all through to meet different projects, social and material demands to become of success.

Special thanks to U.S President,s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) under Henry M. Jackson Foundation medical Research International (HJFMRI) / Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) – Tanzania in southern in Highlands HIV/AIDS program for their sponsorship.

You are welcome to know more about KIHUMBE through direct visit to our centers or contact us through the address provided in contact us.


  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)/DOD under Henry M. Jackson Foundation Medical Research International (HJFMRI) / Military HIV Research Program (MHRP – T) Tanzania
  • UNICEF Tanzania

Geographical Area of Operation: Mbeya Region.

Currently, KIHUMBE is operating in 4 districts councils namely:

Mbeya City Council, Mbeya District Council, Rungwe District Council and Busokelo District Council

KIHUMBE Mission & Vision

Vision: To have both females and males community, that is fully aware and takes action to prevent new HIV and AIDS and sustain a healthy and independent life free of HIV/AIDS.

Mission: To prevent rise of HIV and AIDS by promoting community behavior change through communication, provision of direct services, care and support and by collaborating/partnering with all HIV/AIDS key stakeholders in fight against the epidemic.

KIHUMBE Operating Values

The following core operating values influence the culture and public image of KIHUMBE as an effective community –based organization serving a wide variety of individuals and families.

  1. Respect – KIHUMBE honors the choices of people both females and males of all ages affected by HIV, encouraging each person to take control over his/her own life, and helps to shape these based on what is important to each client. We respect the role that families have in helping them.

  2. Caring Attitude – KIHUMBE demonstrates compassionate support and concern for people with affected by HIV/AIDS and their families. As a part of this caring attitude, we educate and inform clients and their families.

  3. Individualized Support – KIHUMBE knows that people’s needs vary significantly and can change over time; we seek to understand the individual consumer and co-create the right supports for each person’s development.

  4. Responsibility – KIHUMBE finds solutions that meet the needs and preferences of people [females, males, children and those living with disability] affected by HIV and their families through direct service or referrals to other providers.

  5. Ethical – KIHUMBE performs its services ethically.

  6. Professionalism– Professionalism point of view is also considered by KIHUMBE especially to staff in order to provide good services, counselors, finance staff, supervisors are professionals in their positions at KIHUMBE.

  7. Legal – KIHUMBE is a non-governmental organization which operates under legal bases. Registrations and all other operations are legal.

  8. Diversity – KIHUMBE understands that people affected by HIV/AIDS are part of all races, ethnicities and religions; we seek to assist as many people of all categories as our financial resources support.


    Organization Major Program Activities

    1. Community Based HIV Testing and Counseling Services (CBHTS)

    2. HIV Prevention Services

    3. DREAMS Initiative targeting vulnerable Adolescent Girls and Young Women (VAGYWs) aged 15 to 24 years and Sexual Partners

    4. Community Based HIV and AIDS services (CBHS).

    5. Gender Based violence (GBV) and Violence Against Children (VAC) as crosscutting issues

    6. Support orphans and most vulnerable children (OVC).

    7. Community Rehabilitation programme for Children in conflict with the law and children at risk of offending.