Pamoja Tuwalee

Pamoja Tuwalee

Council hails partnership with KIHUMBE

The Mbeya District Council is in the process of distributing Community Health Fund (CHF) cards to identified Most Vulnerable Children. The process follows some advocacy campaigns to the Council, starting with the identification of MVC, to explaining the importance of everyone being responsible of taking care of children.

KIHUMBE, a local NGO that implements the Pamoja Tuwalee program with funding from the American People, was involved in advocating to the Mbeya District Council about the importance of the children to have access to health services, as stipulated in the government policies.

The Council’s Social Welfare Officer, Magdalena Songoma says that their relationship with KIHUMBE is a very fruitful one that has helped them be able to take care of the children in all the areas necessary.

The Pamoja Tuwalee program helped us with the identification process. This is normally a costly one, but thanks to the program we managed to identify OVC in 17 wards. Without help from the program it is possible that we would have not been able to do the identification process,” she explains.

Due to the identification process that identified 3,680 MVC from 2,256 families, the District Executive Director approved the payment of 1,000 CHF cards in the last budget, but the distribution process has just started in this financial year.

According to Magdalena, the quarterly meetings that the Council normally has with KIHUMBE have been of great help, as they are able to discuss a lot of issues relating to the plight of Most Vulnerable Children, and decide on ways to deal with them.

You know, if we did not have these meetings then we would have been double counting the assistance that is directed towards the children, or we could have found out that three different NGOs are working in the same place, with the same people – while there are other areas that have no assistance,” she explains.