This intervention involves provision of community HIV prevention programs for Key and vulnerable Populations (KVPs) that includes Adolescent Girls and Young women (AGYWs), sexual partners, Female Sex Workers (SWs), People who are Injecting Drugs (PWIDs) and Men who have Sex with other Men (MSM) through collaboration with local Government Authorities (LGAs) using peer education model whereby a reached and screened high risk populations are effectively referred / connecting for Comprehensive HIV and AIDS services.

HIV Prevention Activities /services to KVPs

  1. Identification of KVPs in hot-spots and provision of HIV and AIDS services
  2. Conduct Health Assessment (STI , TBand GBV screening) to KVPs using relevant tools.
  3. Condom Promotion & Provision
  4. Establish and run condom outlets in identified hot-spots to support groups and post-test clubs (for free condoms distribution and provision of HIV prevention education on the correct and consistence use of both male and female condoms).
  5. Provide education on benefits of HIV testing and other follow-up services.
  6. Referrals and linkages (Provide escorted referrals for Community HIV Testing services and other HIV related services.
  7. Community Mobilization and Norms Change
  8. Referral for Voluntary medical male circumcision(VMMC) to health facilities .
  9. Conduct Peer educator Monthly meetings; i.e. to get feedback from the field and discuss the challenges encountered during the program implementation.
  10. Conduct Quarterly meeting with local government Authorities (LGAs) for program improvement and sustainability.

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