KIHUMBE has been supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVCs) in the four districts namely Mbeya City council, Mbeya District, Chunya and Rungwe Districts in Mbeya region.

Currently; OVC program is implemented in Mbeya City council with the support of HJFMRI /MHRP Tanzania. The program  focus on empowering OVC families to identify resources and enabling Orphans Vulnerable Children to access comprehensive care, protection and support within their communities.

Services / Activities

  1. Health/Hygiene services: This involve Supporting OVC with health insurance cards for them to cover their health related expenses

  2. Provide Food and Nutrition support – Conduct Nutrition Assessment using relevant tools and provide counseling and Support to OVC and their families.
  3. Income generating activities; – This include Formulate and organize OVC caregiver’s support groups, and providing education on economic and entrepreneurship skills including saving and lending system to OVC and their families through IGA saving or support groups.
  4. Legal protection: – In Collaboration with the government, KIHUMBE to protect children and also help The OVC to get birth certificates.
  5. Psycho-social support: Visiting  OVC and their families and provide related supports to children enrolled by the program and their families.

  6. Educational support – KIHUMBE education center in Mbeya city Council where children can get secondary education for free and uniforms.

  7. Referral and linkages:- Provide referrals and connecting OVC to appropriate services including HIV Testing services, Care and Treatment, Community Based HIV and AIDS services and other related services.

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